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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated animation on a user’s view of the real world, by looking through a mobile device’s camera viewer and providing a composite view of an interactive (or static) animation activity. Augmented Reality offers interactive animated character shows, numerous games, trivia, and upcoming treasures hunts that are in development. 

What does it require?

This brand new and unique attraction requires mobile devices to have an easy-to-use app downloaded on to it. Simply scan the QR code and download the app. You could also have rental tablets in your center that already have the app installed on it, ready to go. This app will be available on all the major app store platforms for both Apple and Android devices.

How does it work?

Users will open the AKP app and scan a target with the built-in camera in their device. Targets are illustrations or images that depict an AKP character or a scene. Simply activate the app and point your mobile device at a target. The animation or activity will activate and play in real time.

Test your app now!

Scan the card with AnimaKidsParty app to activate AR

What games, animations, and interactive activities are offered?

Our augmented reality attractions offer fun and humorous interactive animations that kids will fall in love with. AKP-AR (Augmented Reality) will be able to present animated skits, interactive mini-games, treasure hunts (in development), fun and educational trivia. AKP regularly refreshes the content to keep content fresh. These fun games can consist of balloon pop, dress up, find the ball, trivia, and much more. Our interactive treasure hunts are fun for the whole family. Place the targets around your center and watch the inner explorer emerge in children and adults. 

What can this be used for?

This attraction can be used for numerous applications. Birthday parties are perfect for adding augmented reality, when the kids are waiting for pizza, presents, or cake. Whether it is just fun and humorous animation, an interactive game, trivia, or a treasure hunt, these games are using technology that is already super entertaining to kids. And when the kids are just visiting and not in a party group, they still can go to posters and trigger animated entertainment, to take a break from other activities offered by the FEC.   

How would an FEC or business make money with AKP-AR?

Adding a cost effective attraction such as augmented reality gives any business the ability to enhance their offerings and increase traffic. Adding a party package that includes augmented reality will spark kids imagination with the character interaction and games. Our interactive treasure hunts are fun for the whole family. Place the targets around your center and watch the inner explorer emerge in children and adults. 

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How do we sell this to customers?

Every package will provide access to an online marketing folder where promotional tools will be made available to each AKP customer. Everything from flyers, posters, digital TV advertisements, videos, online marketing tools, and more. Everything that you need to make your customers aware and excited about this new attraction. Kids, loving animation and talking characters will do lots of the selling on their own as well. 

Anima Kids Party is offering something to the FEC industry that could allow a center to rise above their competitors and become the best birthday party venue in their area.
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Introducing AnimaKidsParty's New AR: Make Your Party Unforgettable!

A first-of-it's-kind unique attraction for your entertainment centers

Dramatically increase customer and return-visitor numbers with AKP’s AR technology packages designed for FECs. Specifically designed for age demographics of 4 to 9-year-olds, this attraction is the perfect addition to party packages, general entertainment, and special events. Increase your revenue and party bookings by standing out fro all the other parties. Spark creativity with your young patrons in this artistic and innovative attraction. Offering the latest 3D Animation and Sound Technologies used for Cutting-edge Augmented Reality. 

Animations can be geo targeted and won’t trigger if a customer is not in the subscribed establishment. Keep the intrigue going with an increasing library of new animations and characters. Thirty-plus new skits every three months while the older skits randomly get phased out of the cycle.

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Learn everything you want to know about what Anima Kids Party has to offer. Find out what each attraction can offer, what it requires, how you would sell it to your customers, and build additional revenue. With Live Interactive Animated Shows and Augmented Reality rise against your competitors. 

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